Friday, January 21, 2022
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Tauranga Soda Blasting for all Equipment Cleaning

  • Concrete & Brick
    Concrete & Brick
  • Swimming Pools
    Swimming Pools
  • Marine
  • Industrial

Soda Blasting is a revolutionary paint removal and equipment cleaning technology.

Soda Blaster cleaning successfully removes paint, coatings, grease, grime and dirt from a variety of surfaces, including steel, metal, fibreglass and concrete, without damaging the original surface. This equipment cleaning process has multiple applications-

  • Safe and non toxic cleaning of food processing, bakery and catering equipment
  • Removes coatings and contaminates from many surfaces in the industrial sector
  • Used in the marine industry to efficiently remove anti foul from boat hulls
  • It is equally effective cleaning buildings, swimming pools, concrete and brick

How Soda Blasting Safely Cleans All Types of Equipment and Machinery

Bicarbonate of soda media is (via compressed air) blasted onto the surface area requiring cleaning.

The blast substance is specially formulated larger particles of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda); a non-toxic, non-abrasive, food-grade material that is 100% water soluble and derived from a natural source. There are no appreciable health or environment effects with sodium bicarbonate, it is the perfect eco friendly cleaning product.

The soda blasting process is non abrasive. Instead, the explosive force released by the soda blast particles as they disintegrate on impact, strips away all paint and contaminate layers, without harming the original base surface.

Soda Blasting is a proven and safe industrial cleaning option.

Solvent Free

We use Natrium 260 soda blast media which, when applied wet, is an excellent de-greasing medium.

It completely eliminates the use of solvents in most cleaning processes.

Natrium 260 soda blast media does not “dissolve” or “emulsify” grease or oils, it simply coats them causing the grease or oil to release from the surface. It also eliminates the translocation of oil and grease.

For a full rundown on the benefits of Tauranga Soda Blasting please visit our Advantages page.

Mobile Service

Mobile Service

Environmentally Sensible, Non-Hazardous To Workers, Non-Toxic Media, Water Soluble Media, Low Blasting Pressure, Does Not Generate Explosive Dust, No Threat Of Silicosis.


Tauranga Sandblasting for Abrasive Blasting & Industrial Painting
We clean metal surfaces & apply protective coatings on

  • Heavy Industrial Machinery & Structural Steel
  • Marine, Transport,& Farm Machinery
  • Surfaces Requiring Rust Protection

Visit Tauranga Sandblasting website


  • Cleaning & De-Coating in One Step
  • Unique Cutting Action
  • No Pre-Cleaning Required
  • No Need to Re-Profile Steel

For a comprehensive rundown on all the benefits of Soda Blasting check out our Advantages page.

Soda Blasting