Friday, August 19, 2022
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Why soda blasting is a superior stripping & cleaning process

  • The non-destructive abrasive quality of soda blasting allows projects to be completely stripped in a few hours.
  • The soda blasting media does not scratch or pit metal surfaces.
  • The blasting process does not produce heat and therefore the risk of warping larger metal panels is greatly reduced.
  • The soda blast media is water soluble and can be completely washed away after blasting.
  • Engine cleaning is an easy process, one soda blast application safely cleans all engine components, and no harsh, damaging media is left behind.
  • Soda blasting degreasing qualities are excellent at removing oil and grease.
  • Removal of rust from parts, and sodas rust inhibiting qualities and help keep metal rust free.
  • Our convenient mobile service allows us to blast at your premises.

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Mobile Service

Mobile Service

Environmentally Sensible, Non-Hazardous To Workers, Non-Toxic Media, Water Soluble Media, Low Blasting Pressure, Does Not Generate Explosive Dust, No Threat Of Silicosis.


Tauranga Sandblasting for Abrasive Blasting & Industrial Painting
We clean metal surfaces & apply protective coatings on

  • Heavy Industrial Machinery & Structural Steel
  • Marine, Transport,& Farm Machinery
  • Surfaces Requiring Rust Protection

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  • Cleaning & De-Coating in One Step
  • Unique Cutting Action
  • No Pre-Cleaning Required
  • No Need to Re-Profile Steel

For a comprehensive rundown on all the benefits of Soda Blasting check out our Advantages page.

Soda Blasting