Friday, August 19, 2022
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Marine - Boat Hull Cleaning and Anti Foul Removal

Marine Soda Blasting results

Most boat owners are unaware of the damage created through conventional hull cleaning.

Soda Blasting is a revolutionary new boat hull cleaning process that is faster, more cost effective and will not cause damage to the protective barrier coat.

Soda Blasting is simply the most effective hull cleaning process available to the marine industry today! It is a non – destructive, air driven process that safely removes antifouling paint and contaminates. It’s faster , safer and more cost effective.

Blasting is done dry and entails encapsulating the boat bottom in a plastic tent to contain and capture the removed bottom paint /blast media mix.

Old Anti-Foul Removal Methods

Conventional hull cleaning methods create unintended (and unnecessary ) damage to the vessel’s hull.

  • When the vessel is hauled out, if marine growth has accumulated on the bottom, scraping is performed to remove heavy accumulations. Gouging of the barrier coat can easily occur during this first stage of cleaning.  
  • Pressure washing is often done before sanding, but it only removes surface scum
    and not other surface contaminates such as oil, chlorides and bilge deposits.  
  • Sanding is the most destructive process in hull cleaning and occurs due to the
    fact that it is a difficult and time consuming process that is virtually impossible to avoid penetration of the barrier coat.  
  • The barrier coat is a protective barrier to the underlying fibreglass, but once damaged water then penetrates between it and the fibreglass creating blisters, fractures and delamination of the protective barrier coat.  
  • Once the damaged surface is painted, the paint will cosmetically present a clean and undamaged appearance, falsely leaving the impression of an uncompromised hull. 
  • Because conventional hull stripping is costly and labour intensive, most boat bottoms have never been completely stripped. Over a period of time , one coat of paint is applied over another until finally layered coats of peeling paint and barrier coat failure create a loss of hull integrity, a rough surface and water penetration. 

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Mobile Service

Mobile Service

Environmentally Sensible, Non-Hazardous To Workers, Non-Toxic Media, Water Soluble Media, Low Blasting Pressure, Does Not Generate Explosive Dust, No Threat Of Silicosis.


Tauranga Sandblasting for Abrasive Blasting & Industrial Painting
We clean metal surfaces & apply protective coatings on

  • Heavy Industrial Machinery & Structural Steel
  • Marine, Transport,& Farm Machinery
  • Surfaces Requiring Rust Protection

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  • Cleaning & De-Coating in One Step
  • Unique Cutting Action
  • No Pre-Cleaning Required
  • No Need to Re-Profile Steel

For a comprehensive rundown on all the benefits of Soda Blasting check out our Advantages page.

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