Friday, August 19, 2022
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Swimming Pools - Paint Removal and Pool Cleaning

Swimming Pool Soda Blasting

Eco friendly soda blasting is a fast and effective way to prepare your swimming pool for repainting or any other desired finish.

Swimming pool cleaning is a breeze using this new blasting process. We offer a full paint removal or a brush blast - depending on what is required.

Soda Blasting will not damage tiles, fibreglass or the plastered pool surface.

The blasting process is done wet ( a small amount of water is injected at the nozzle ). This minimizes any dust and also ensures that the paint removed is confined to the pool. At the end of the job, the sludge of baking soda and paint is suctioned up and carted away by tanker service, leaving the job site clean and ready for the pool repairer or painter.

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Mobile Service

Mobile Service

Environmentally Sensible, Non-Hazardous To Workers, Non-Toxic Media, Water Soluble Media, Low Blasting Pressure, Does Not Generate Explosive Dust, No Threat Of Silicosis.


Tauranga Sandblasting for Abrasive Blasting & Industrial Painting
We clean metal surfaces & apply protective coatings on

  • Heavy Industrial Machinery & Structural Steel
  • Marine, Transport,& Farm Machinery
  • Surfaces Requiring Rust Protection

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  • Cleaning & De-Coating in One Step
  • Unique Cutting Action
  • No Pre-Cleaning Required
  • No Need to Re-Profile Steel

For a comprehensive rundown on all the benefits of Soda Blasting check out our Advantages page.

Soda Blasting